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Welcome to Dots IV


This program is funded by the Vermont Department of Education, Title IID: Enhancing Education Through Technology competitive grant program.


During the summer of 2011 a diverse group of teams of educators and administrators from throughout Vermont came together for an intensive professional development experience where they studied and reflected on the relationship between best practice and effective technology integration.  The teacher members of these teams created an interdisciplinary unit that they will implement during the 2011-12 academic year.  The administrators created a modest plan for continuing the work of spreading the "Dots" ( the relationship between best practice and effective technology integration) back in their schools.  Additionally, the administrators were there to support the implementation and, when possible, clear any hurdles that may challenge the implementation.


On the sidebar on the right is a link to their units (Units & Lessons).  They are yours to use in any way you wish.  Use them as they are, modify them to meet your needs, or just "steal" some of the great ideas in them.  We only ask that whenever possible you give recognition to the original creators.


Units from Previous "Dots" programs can be found at VTCite and Learning Village.


Below are many of the documents and resources that were used throughout the unit development experience.  Again, feel free to use them and when appropriate be sure to site the source.


Thanks... and enjoy.




This page has been designed for two purposes.  First, you will find documents and resources provided here that you will need for the Dots IV Project.  Second, it will be the place where you upload your Web 2.0 presentations as well as your Units and accompanying Lessons and Resources.


Note Documents and Resources below and places for you to place Web 2.0 documents and Units/Lessons on the sidebar.  


It will be very important that you follow the Unit Development Process Timeline.


































          - A More Visual View



























     Ed Barry



     Kathy Barwin

     Paul Irish

     Sandy Lathem







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