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Web 20 Presentations

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This is the page where you will put your Web 2.0 presentation.  There are several ways to do this.


     1. You can create a page here and paste your document on the page

     2. You could upload it here as a file and create a link to it.

     3. If it is hosted somewhere else, for example a YouTube Movie, you can create a link to it.


The naming convention will be as follows:  Web 2.0 Tool - School Name - Example:  Google Earth - Windsor High School


1.  Museum Box - Berkshire Elementary School


2. VideoAnt- Milton Elementary School


3. Brattleboro Union HS Prezi


4. Xtranormal-- Brattleboro Area Middle School


5. Glogster- Orchard


6. Google Moderator - Woodstock Union Middle School


7. Wordle - North Country Careeer Center


8. Google Earth - Bristol Elementary School


If you need assistance click on Creating Pages, Uploading Files, and Creating Links in PBWorks

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