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Units  Lessons

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This page will be the main "linking page" for your Units and Lessons as well as any Resources you make available.


Upload your units/lessons file as well as your resources file (if any) and link them below.



1.  Destination:  Heatlhy Choices - Berkshire Elementary School (Kim Hall and Ginger Morse)


2.  We're All In This Together: A Study of the Lake Champlain Basin Ecosystem - Bristol Elementary School (Rebecca Zavadil and Heather Estey)

          A. Word Study Lesson 4-Ecosystem Worksheet (1).pdf

          B. Science Lesson 4-photosynthesis review.pdf

          C. Science Lesson 4-food chain exit card.pdf

          D. Science Lesson 7- cause and effect assessment.pdf

          E. Science Lesson 7-alternative cause and effect organizer.pdf

          F. Science Lesson 7-Cause and Effect Organizer.pdf  


3. How Are People and Places Changed Through Conflict? -Orchard Elementary School (Amy Heinz and Erin Mallory)

          A. Summative Assessment Rubric


4. What Really Happened? - Views of the Past - Milton Elementary School (Stephanie Hurley and Leslie Read)


5. Our Unique Place - Woodstock Union Middle School (Anne Lessard and Rachael Gustaveson)


6. Mirror, Map & Story - North Country Career Center (Nancy McDermott and Gillian Staniforth)

           A. Mirror, Map & Story - Lesson 3 - 10 Year Plan PowerPoint

           B. Mirror, Map & Story - Lesson 3 -  Sample SmartBoard Assignment 

           C. Mirror, Map & Story - Lesson 4 - Mission Match 


7. Success Unit_BAMS_Goodhue_Schmitt.docx


8. Perceptions: BUHS Ruozzi/Deane



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