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Process Timeline

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The Unit Development Process & Timeline



May 25, 2011** - The participants will attend a workshop on Understanding by Design and begin to consider their Enduring Understanding and Essential Questions. 



May 25 – June 26 - teachers will develop a draft of their Enduring Understanding and Essential questions. It will be very important the participants go no further with their unit at this time. Do NOT begin to develop the unit. This can NOT start until after the June Dots workshops


            Read all of…

  • ·      Integrating Differentiated Instruction & Understanding by Design
  • ·      Reinventing Project-Based Learning
  • ·      Transformation & Technology: A New Way of Learning – Classroom Scenarios
  • ·      Revised Technology Grade Expectations



June 27th** – UBD – Review/sharing EU and EQs and begin work on KUDs


June 28th** – UBD Part 2 – Finalizing  EU, EQs and KUDs


June 29th** – Summative Assessment


June 30th** – Differentiated Instruction


NOTE:  When they leave this week participants should have…

  • ·      Their EU, EQs and KUDs completed
  • ·      Their Summative should be completed or nearly completed.
  • ·      Make certain all their work is tied to the Standards & GEs or Common Core


July 1 to July 14 -  teachers will develop their unit and lesson plans. Participants will develop a Unit Overview and develop their specific lessons.


You must send a draft to the Instructor and Consultant via email by July 14th.  This is not optional!


Email to both: edbarry101244@gmail.com & kbarwin@etsd.org


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please put your unit, all your lessons and the course rubric that you have used to self-assess ALL IN ONE WORD DOCUMENT. Please do NOT send us multiple documents. Title the document with your first and last name.


July 18** - Teachers will meet with the Instructor and Consultant to get feedback on their work.  They will also be given a substantial amount of time to work on revisions to their unit and lessons based on feedback.


July 19** – Teachers work on Units. Optional meetings with Ed & Kathy



July 20th - July 31st  - participants will finalize their units & lessons.

            Ed & Kathy will be available via “FaceTime” during this period for consultation.  Contact us via e-mail to set up an appointment.



July 31st – Final Unit uploaded to the designated location



August 1st ** – Final Presentations




** = In-person meetings 


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