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School Administrator

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This is the site for information and resources for principals in the DOTS IV program.


May 24, 2011

The Role(s) of the Principal



          Powerpoint Presentation on the Roles of the Principal

          Vermont DOE Administrator General Competencies

          ISTE NETS for Administrators (2009)

          ISTE Essential Conditions (2007)


June 27-29, 2011

Technology and the School Administrator

     Day One


          21st Century Classroom Indicators


               Basic Audit Questions

               21st Century Classroom Indicators Top Ten List


     Day Two

          TCO and the School

          Professional Development


               Vermont DOE Quality Professional Development Guide


     Day Three




          Your Plan


               Mindtools Software Handout


     Day Seven

          Round Table Discussion about Plan Implementation

               Here are three questions for the discussion.


1.   How does the pedagogy articulated in the DOTS program (UbD, DI, Project-based, Student-Centered, etc.) align with your current planned or required work with your faculty, and how do you plan to take advantage of that?

2.  What ways (creative or otherwise) are you planning to systematically build faculty competency of tech tools (specifically Web 2.0 type tools), and connecting these to effective pedagogical practice,  into your professional development scheme?

3.  What incentives, levers, etc. are you planning to use to shift your faculty farther down the road to student centered transformation as exemplified by the scenarios and the SAMR model?



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