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Student-Centered Learning - Visual  Definitions

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Below are the components of SCL and their definitions that this calll identified.

Dots IV


Class Definitions of

Student-Centered Learning


Relevant- Understanding one’s personal curiosity and understanding what is important/meaningful to one’s life, past and future.  “What is important to me?”


Essential Curriculum Standards- The structure into which we plug our instructional design and implementation, capturing essential content, skills, concepts, thinking and learning strategies.


Choice- Being part of the decision-making in their learning.


Collaboration- Multiple people sharing diverse experiences and perspectives, to achieve a deeper understanding towards a common purpose.


Authentic Work: Real-world implications and applications and purpose for the learner.


Authentic Audience- a group of people who benefit from or are impacted by or use the work.


Challenge/Rigor- active, complex thinking, and engages students in questioning and discovery.


Experiential Learning- Students create meaning/knowledge by engaging in real-world, authentic, and purposeful activities.


Shared Responsibility: participation in a plan, task, outcome that reflects equitable contributions from members of the group/community/team.



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